what a waste!

Risk of Potentially Fatal Diseases if Waste Problem Continues to be Ignored.

In 2016, world generated 2 billion tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), including 242 million tons of plastic waste. Waste has inbuilt Energy, Water and Nutrients. All are lost, when waste is not treated well. Worldwide, waste generated per person ranges widely, from 0.11 (low income countries) to 4.54 kg (high income countries). Wet waste – Rapidly increasing in developing countries. Major bottleneck for waste to energy projects. Increasingly expensive for developing countries

Sustainable and Clean Technology for Waste to Energy

Inadequate waste collection, uncontrolled dumping, and burning of waste accounts for about 5% of total global GHG emissions. Valori perceived a pressing need for an innovative and sustainable technology for waste management that also recovers energy and valuable resources from waste.

In our quest for comprehensive solution for waste management, we identified Reliance Catalytic Hydrothermal Liquefaction – ‘RCAT-HTL’ as the most promising and sustainable technology for Waste valorization. This technology is developed by Reliance Industries Ltd and recognized by many global institutions.

RCAT-HTL technology produces high quality renewable drop-in crude and recovers fertilizer-rich water from any organic biomass and waste.
Valori’s objective is to set-up multiple RCAT-HTL commercial plants to convert organic waste to renewable drop-in fuel.

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