Green solution to World’s growing energy demand!


Since the Whole world is facing the major problem of waste and if we can implement this technology wherein we can convert the waste into fuel rather than using up the fossils, it would indeed have a very positive impact on the worlds environment which is very much needed at this stage.

Valori is looking to develop for each territory a roll out plan, Feasibility and Financial projection with Reliance Technical inputs and then Involve Government of the respective location and also Investors.


We are very passionate about biofuel technology and appreciate its positive impact on the environment

Valori Transnational is incorporated in the UK with the view of promoting RCAT-HTL, spin- off technology which provides sustainable solution for waste valorization developed by Reliance Industries.

The objective of the Company is to set up Reliance Catalytic Hydrothermal Liquefaction Plants all over the World for the conversion of organic waste into Biofuel. The revolutionary impact of this project and the impact on a safe environment is indeed required all over the World and Valori will be engaging Investors and Governments in various locations worldwide.


The following are the directors of the Company:


Varun Juneja

  • Holds a Post Graduate degree in Business and Economics. He is an avid golf player.
  • He is passionate about giving back to the community. He feels that anybody who is blessed enough, should contribute in whatever little way possible, towards the upliftment of people with limited means.
  • He has traveled extensively, within as well as outside India and wherever he travels, he tries his best to share the same philosophy with the people he comes across.